Your way to Q2factory

Your way to Q2factory

What documents do you want in my application?

In addition to a cover letter explaining why you are applying to us, please send us a curriculum vitae, bachelor's and master's degrees, certificates from former employers and - if you worked in the consulting industry - a project overview.

Do you want the documents by post or by e-mail?

We prefer applications by e-mail (to:, but of course you can also send us your application by post.

How is this continuing?

When we have received your documents, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. If the application is interesting, we will get in touch with you and either arrange a telephone interview or invite you directly to an interview.

What do you particularly value?

We are looking for individuals, not human capital. The person must fit to us - that is the most important thing. Very good achievements in the studies and in the previous occupations are as important to us as convincing performance and a high team orientation. We expect every employee to be technical and functional interested. Depending on the position to be occupied, the focus is on technical or functional knowledge, but the "look beyond the box" is always required. In addition, we presume very good English skills.

Do you also offer internships or the opportunity to attend a practical semester?

If you have already achieved a good study performance, we can offer you an internship (minimum two months) or practical semester. If you convince us during this time, you have good conditions for a start at Q2factory after the end of your studies.

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