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Accelerate the business process with mobile solutions

With mobile solutions, companies optimize the end-user experience. Through the use of mobile apps, you enable and engage employees, customers and stakeholders in a new and innovative way. Industry-leading mobile technologies enable employees to act more quickly, accelerate processes, and thus increase the company's success.


What benefits do mobile solutions bring to your company?

Mobile solutions provide your company with competitive advantages by combining SAP business process expertise with mobile, big data, and cloud leadership:

  • Optimized backups for company data
  • real-time customer engagement through mobile devices
  • Increased loyalty and awareness
  • Maximum sales and highest productivity
  • Optimized application design and deployment processes


Q²factory – Your partner for mobile solutions

Q²factory offers support for the implementation of your mobile solutions with the following services:

  • Definition of the objectives to be achieved with mobile solutions
  • Analysis of the SAP framework
  • Design of mobile solutions
  • Implementation of mobile solutions

We ensure the quality of our consulting services in the field of mobile solutions by the following elements:

  • Process, organizational, technology and IT know-how from a single source
  • Highly specialized consultants who are used to solving integration and interface problems together
  • Coverage of the entire value chain: product development, industrialization, production and supply chain management
  • Many years of experience in the realization of integrative process and IT projects - proven by numerous references.

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