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The next stage of the industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 describes the next stage of the industrial revolution: Information and communication technology is increasingly linked to automation and production technologies. The result is so-called Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). They network machines, storage systems, workpieces, products and people as a central element both company-internal as well as company-wide and enable communication in real-time.

This creates a paradigm shift in the management of the production and value chain:

  • Rigid production structures are developed into active, autonomous and self-organizing production units
  • central production planning and control is replaced by decentralized, event-driven self-regulation
  • Intelligent products are clearly identifiable, can be located at any time and find alternative and event-adapted paths to their target state
  • Rigid value chains become agile value-added networks in which each partner can react very flexibly
  • The digital pervasiveness of engineering over the entire value chain allows flexible, customer-specific and efficient processing


What benefits does Industry 4.0 bring to your business?

The advantages of this development are obvious.
On the one hand, it is possible to offer small batch sizes and tailor-made products at production costs which are hardly above those of serial production. On the other hand, a highly flexible and fast market supply aligned with the individual customer requirements is possible while at the same time saving resources.

Q²factory – Your Partner for Industry 4.0

Together with our partner ROI Management Consulting AG, Q²factory offers you support on the road to the implementation of your industry 4.0 approaches with the following services:

  • Industry 4.0 Scanning: Standardized assessment of processes, plant and automation technology, IT and communication concepts in product design and
  • engineering, industrialization and production
  • Develop your industry 4.0 strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Establishment and implementation of first pilot applications
  • Area-covering translation support

The quality of our consulting services in the field of industry 4.0 is ensured by the following elements:

  • Process, organizational, technology and IT know-how from a single source
  • Highly specialized consultants who are used to solving integration and interface problems together
  • Coverage of the entire value chain: product development, industrialization, production and supply chain management
  • Many years of experience in the realization of integrative process and IT projects - proven by numerous references.

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Jürgen Boelcke
Managing Director
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