IT Health-Check

IT Health-check factory

Where is my IT today?

  • What is my IT performance compared to my competitors?
  • Are current and future security issues covered?
  • Do I adequately support existing business processes?
  • Can I react flexibly to changes?
  • What are the trends for the coming years?
  • Am I able to cope with upcoming changes in the company?

These and many other questions are faced with ever-changing IT changes within IT.


What can I do?

Will my current system landscape meet the future requirements of my business? Where are the weaknesses, where are the strengths? Where are my competitors in the advantage and where am I better placed? The key question is what is missing and what do I have to do to remain competitive.


Q2factory – Your partner for the evaluation and reorientation of your IT strategy

Q2factory supports you system independent in analyzing your system landscape. Based on the requirements of your business model, we work out strengths and weaknesses in the individual areas and offer a clear IT location based on an industry benchmark. On this basis, we develop proposals for optimization and a roadmap to the defined objective.

Your contact person

Thomas Popp
Managing Director
+49 (89) 412 09 85-0

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