Thomas Popp

Computer scientist

Shareholder, Managing Director
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Thomas Popp studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg and developed his rich industrial, process and IT experience as developer and solution architect, and later as project and program manager. His customers were Audi, BMW, Daimler, GM Europe, Opel, MAN, OSRAM, Miba, Hanns Glass, Pari, Siemens. For more than 15 years, he established HighQIT for the manufacturing industry, an IT consulting company, as managing director, responsible for business development, before it has been sold to Perot Systems in 2008.

Afterwards, Thomas Popp worked for Perot Systems and Dell Services as Managing Director for Strategy and Development of the European business for the industrial consulting and the SAP business. "The decision to work again in a medium-sized IT consulting company was obvious. Only there it's possible to work customer-orientated, performance-oriented, success-oriented and flexible."

His vision for the Q2factory:
Customer satisfaction through reliability, quality, flexibility and extreme market and customer proximity. Excellent experts with industry focus, the projects in time, in budget and exceed customer expectations significantly. A trusting collaboration with our customers and employees is the basis of our efforts.

Jürgen Boelcke

Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Univerity of Applied Sience)

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Jürgen Boelcke studied mechanical engineering at the Univerity of Applied Sience München, focusing on manufacturing technology. He began as software developer and architect of production planning and control system.

At HighQIT for the manufacturing industry GmbH, an IT consulting company, he initially developed his industrial and process experience as a consultant, later as a project and program manager for a variety of ERP standard system implementations in the manufacturing industry. For many years, he was also Director for the division "Supply Chain Management". He was responsible, among other things. The development and development of the "Best Practice SAP ERP System" for the automotive supplier, mechanical engineering and high-tech industries as well as the consulting approach "Benefit-oriented SAP ERP implementation".

Jürgen Boelcke was responsible for the "SCM & CRM Solutions" division at Perot Systems and DELL Services. In addition, during this time he was responsible, among others. The development of "SAP Manufacturing Execution" competence and worked as a key account manager for well-known customers.

His vision for the management of the Q2factory:
A consultancy company which makes with its excellent industry experts, supported by innovative software solutions, an extraordinary contribution to business process optimization at its customers.

Jürgen Groß

Degree in Business Administration

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Jürgen Groß studied economics and business administration at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich with focus on controlling, financing and organization. He began as an assistant to the management and controller in a medium-sized production company.

Jürgen Groß initially worked as consultant / analyst in several consulting companies and one of the large audit company, later as project and program manager for a large number of international projects. Specialist focus here are management consulting in the fields of operational and strategic control and planning systems, project management and system consulting in SAP implementations, set-up of integrated planning systems, value-based performance measurement / KPI definition and implementation essentially under SAP BW and BO (Conception and project management) and portfolio management as a management approach for the value-oriented management of the project landscape.

For many years, Jürgen was Director for "Finance and Controlling" at HighQ GmbH. He was responsible, among other things, for the development of the Business Warehouse / Business Intelligence department. After that, Jürgen Groß was responsible for the division "Finance Solutions" at Perot Systems and DELL Services.

His vision in the management of Q2factory:
A consulting company has to support its customers with highly innovative and pragmatic solutions to increase their economic value added. The consulting company sees itself as a partner ("trusted partner").

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